6 Best Websites For Babysitting Jobs If You Are 13 Years Old [Earn Up to $30 Per Hour]

You could start babysitting when you are 11 or 12. But most kids start when they are around 13. Babysitting is one of those evergreen jobs because parents always need babysitters.

Most babysitting jobs start with family or friends. First jobs come through word of mouth or through friends. But these days, there are many online platforms where you look for babysitting jobs.

Babysitting  job websites

Care.com is one of the original babysitting job sites. Today, in addition to babysitting jobs, it offers senior care, daycare, pet care, tutoring, and housekeeping. The platform caters to people looking for a job and to parents looking for a babysitter – it’s a two-sided marketplace.

Care.com does not take any commissions. So you can keep all the money you make. In addition to the US, it’s also available in the UK, Canada, and Australia.


Bambino is a great place to look for babysitting jobs if you are 13. The site has many sitter levels – junior sitters (13-15 years old), standard sitters (16-18 years years old), advanced sitters (19 years old and up), and elite sitters (highly rated sitters, 18+ years old). Junior sitters need parental permission to be on Bambino.

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Helpr is a US-based website that allows you to find babysitting jobs. Helpr requires at least two experience babysitting before you can apply. It also requires reference checks to ensure that the babysitters are qualified. You will also need a CPR certification to get started.

The upside of providing reference checks and having CPR certification is that the interview process is short and you can quickly find a job.


Sittercity is another well-known platform to look for babysitting jobs. The site allows babysitters to work with special needs children but there are additional qualifications. It has a large number of jobs, so you will be to find one close to you.


Juggle is a website that has jobs for babysitters. It also provides pet care jobs and nannies. Juggle makes it easy for parents to hire experienced babysitters. To get started, simply create an account and search for available jobs.


Facebook is not a job board is a great place to find babysitting jobs. But it has many local babysitting groups that you can join and look for jobs. Search for “babysitting jobs in city x” to find babysitting jobs in your area.

Are babysitting jobs right for you?

Babysitting jobs are not for everyone. Taking care of a young child is a big responsibility. You need to ensure that the kids are safe at all times. You will need to prepare food, give them a bath, and prepare them for naps.

You love spending time with kids

Let’s face it. Kids are unpredictable. They get sick often. As a babysitter, you need to be patient and have a genuine interest in spending time with kids.

You are old enough to babysit

The minimum age to babysit varies by state but in most states. But as we know, not all 13-year-olds are equally mature. You must be mature enough to care for another child before you take on a babysitting job.

You follow your parents’ directions

Parents have expectations for their babysitters and parents are not perfect. You will need to follow their directions carefully. This may involve giving them the right food at their feeding times and giving medications.

Tips to be a successful babysitter (from as young as 11 years old)

How to increase your earnings potential as a babysitter?

As with any job, the more qualifications you have, the more you can make. Easy ways to improve your qualifications include getting CPR certified. Many nonprofit organizations  such as the Red Cross offer CPR certifications for free,

How much should you charge per hour for babysitting?

What you can charge depends on the cost of living in your area. In expensive areas such as the West Coast, you could charge as much as $30 per hour. But if you live in a low-cost-of-living area, you could only charge $10 per hour. As we discussed earlier if you have extra qualifications such as a CPR certificate, you can charge more.

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