$2500 In Free Money – How To Get Free Money

Often, to make money you have to invest significant time, and sometimes money. But there are easy ways to make free money. We will take a look at some strategies you can use to make free money.

One of the popular searches online is “Unlimited free money now”. The ideas detailed in this article won’t give you unlimited money but will certainly add to your bank account.

How to get free money now

Nielsen Mobile and Computer Panel App

Installing Nielsen App on your phone and your computer allows you to earn hundreds of dollars in rewards per year. Some of your data will be shared with Nielsen and you don’t have to do anything. You can earn up to $60 per year in rewards.


Trim is an app that goes through your monthly spending and looks at opportunities to save money. It negotiates cable, internet, and other bills and will cancel unused subscriptions. Trim does not directly put free money in your pocket but instead saves money by reducing your existing bills.


Acorns uses an interesting strategy to help you invest. It rounds your purchases to the whole dollar and invests that money in the stock market. It may just be a few cents but over time it adds up.


MyPoints is another rewards site that rewards you for taking surveys, testing products, playing video games, and searching the web. You can even look for deals on the website that will save you money. You can get a $5 reward for just signing up.

Need Easy & Extra $300/Mo For Free?

Survey Junkie: Earn up to $50 per survey. You also earn $1.50 per referral. Sign up here

Inbox Dollars: Get paid to watch videos. One user made $63 within a week. $10 Signup bonus

SurveySoda: Earn cash for sharing your feedback on products and services. Join Now

Survey Voices: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.

Rent your extra room

Become an Airbnb host by renting out an extra room in your house. Airbnb is popular among travelers -short-term and long-term. All you need to do is take good pictures of your place and choose a daily rate to get started.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistant has become one of the hottest jobs in recent years. Small business owners need help with scheduling, answering phone calls, and other tasks. They are willing to pay VAs so they can free up their time to grow their business

Get your phone and internet bills paid

Lifeline provides a discount of $9.25 per month on a home or mobile phone for low-income people. Lifeline also provides help with your broadband internet. You may qualify for Lifeline if you are on Medicaid, food stamps, or use Section 8 housing assistance.

Senior citizen benefits

Getting older comes with health challenges, wrinkles, and other ailments. But the government and organizations provide discounts to senior citizens.

  • If you are an AARP member (you must be 50 to join), you can get discounts at many businesses
  • Museums, theatres, and entertainment arenas have discounts for senior citizens
  • Senior citizens also get tax benefits (eg. higher standard deductions)
  • If you want to take classes, many public universities provide tuition waivers for senior citizens

Check for unclaimed money

If you have unclaimed money in bank accounts, investments, or property, you can claim them at unclaimed.org. Chose your state and search by your first and last name. If you have any unclaimed money in your name, you will find the financial institution where you had an account and the amount. You can then request a check to get your money.

Get credit card bonuses

When you sign up for a credit card, you can get hundreds of dollars in sign-up bonuses if you meet certain spending thresholds. You can sign up for a few credit cards every year and easily make $600 or more. Here are some recommendations

The Chase Freedom Unlimited®: – $200 sign-up bonus after you spend $500 on the card in 3 months
Citi Custom Cash℠ Card: $200 sign-up bonus after you spend $750 on the card in 3 months

Sell old clothes

Do you have a lot of old clothes sitting in your closet? Sites such as Poshmark and ThredUp allow you to sell your old clothes and get cash. After you create an account on these platforms, upload pictures of your old clothes and set a price. You will quickly see money coming in.

Rent stuff to people on Fat Llama

Platforms such as Fat Llama allow you to rent your things to people in your area. You can rent clothes, tools, and just about anything. It’s a quick way to make money from things you have but don’t use often.

Apply for food stamps

The government offers help to low-income families in the form of food stamps. You will get a debit card which you can use to buy certain categories of foods such as bread, cereals, fruits, meats, and dairy products.

Apply for disability benefits

If you are unable to work for health reasons, you can apply for disability benefits. You can apply for disability benefits online but you will first need to see a doctor and get the required medical documents.

Bottom Line

There are a number of ways to get free money. Whether it’s signing up on different platforms to take short surveys, installing apps on your phone, or renting out that extra bedroom in your house, you have plenty of ways to make money.

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