Search Engine Evaluator Jobs – An Easy Way To Make $15 Per Hour

When you go to any search engine and search for something, you see a list of website results. The search engine crawls billions of websites. When you search for something, they try to find results that are relevant to your search. But those matches are not perfect. So search engines such as Google and Bing hire humans to evaluate the quality of the results. These people called Search Engine Evaluators assess the quality or usefulness of websites. The search engine evaluator’s input is added to the search algorithm so that users can get accurate results when they search for something.

Search engine evaluator jobs are always remote and in demand as search is getting more complex and more websites are added daily.

Everything You Need to Know About Being A Search Engine Evaluator

What does a search engine evaluator do?

When you search for certain terms in a  search engine, you get results relevant to your search. The accurate results come partly from computers looking for relevant results and humans ensuring that the results make sense to the searcher.

Search engines such as Google and Bing have their own standards to determine the relevance of a website to search results. The search engine evaluators determine the accuracy of the web results and provide feedback to Google or Bing to improve their search results.

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How much can a search evaluator make?

Search engine evaluators make around $15 per hour. Search engine evaluator jobs are usually freelance jobs though there are some full-time jobs available at some companies.

How do I get a search engine evaluator job?

Search engines hire third-party companies to help with search engine evaluation. These companies post jobs on job sites such as Indeed to hire evaluators.

Most companies give you an online test to test your ability to analyze search engine results. The company may provide study material or you can find the study material online. While the test is not difficult, it requires you to follow the company’s standards. So you need to prepare for the test.

What are the companies that hire search evaluators?

Pros and Cons of Search Evaluator Jobs


Work from home

Search evaluator jobs can be done from home. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. Most search evaluators are freelancers though full times jobs are available in this domain.

Flexible schedule

You can choose how many hours you would like to work per week. This provides a good work-life balance if you have a busy life.

No previous experience needed

Most companies will have training material to help you prepare for the online test. No previous experience is required for most search evaluator jobs.

Prepares you for more advanced roles

Search evaluation gives you analytical and research skills that can be used in IT, marketing, social media management, and other areas. Think of this job as a stepping stone to more advanced positions.


Contracts can be short term

Since most search engine evaluators work as freelancers, they don’t get long-term contracts. The hours per week fluctuate based on the demand

Pay caps

Pay for search engine evaluators caps at $16 per hour in most cases. You won’t earn more as you gain experience.

Bottom Line

Search Engine Evaluator jobs don’t need experience and are easy to get. You need to prepare for an online assessment. But the company hiring will give you training material that will get you up to speed for the test. Search engines are always trying to improve and provide more accurate results to their users. So these jobs will never go out of style. This job can help you prepare for more advanced roles in research, IT, or social media.

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