Airfare Myths That Cost You Money

Flight ticket prices are more dynamic than ever.  Sometimes prices change multiple times in a day.  It is still possible to get a good deal on flight tickets but the game has changed.  Surprisingly, there are still many misconceptions among travelers.

Clearing Browser Cookies Gives You A Better Price

Clearing your cookies in your browser makes no difference to your price. If you see a different price after clearing the cookies, it means that price has changed for everybody, not just you. Changing to a different browser also has no impact on prices.

The myth is based on the idea that when you repeatedly search for a certain route, airlines will increase the price for you.  While it’s true that companies (not just airlines) use data cookies to store information about you,  it has no impact on the prices shown to you.

Flight Tickets Are Cheaper On Tuesdays

Years ago, airlines would load their fares on Tuesday.  So you had a chance to get cheap tickets on Tuesday.  But that system has not been in place for years, if not decades. Today, ticket prices are dynamic – they change daily, sometimes hourly.  Similarly, there is no time of the month or year to buy cheap tickets.

Dress Well To Get Upgrades

Even people who have status on airlines have trouble getting upgrades.  Dressing well for your flight helps you much in scoring upgrades.

Best Deals Are Available Last Minute

Last-minute travelers are usually business travelers who are not very sensitive to price. So airlines increase the price closer to the date of travel. If you wait till the last minute to buy tickets, you will be paying sky-high prices in most cases.

Buying Early Means Better Prices

The ideal time to book a domestic ticket is 1-3 months before a departure.  But if you buy too early – say 6 months ahead, you may have a lot of options but prices may not necessarily be cheaper.

All Travelers In A Group Must Purchase Ticket Together

Airlines can have 10 different prices for the same ticket due to algorithms. If a flight has a ticket for $70, a second ticket for  $100, a third ticket for $125, and if you book as a group, you will get 3 tickets for the highest price of $125 per ticket.

Always search for tickets for one person, and try to find seats together for your group when you are checking out so you can be seated together.

Non-Refundable Tickets Are Never Refundable

Non-refundable tickets are refundable under certain conditions. If you are booking a ticket for travel within the  United States,  you are entitled to a full refund on refundable tickets within 24 hours long as your flight is at least 7 days away with no cancellation fee.

Bottom Line

It’s not easy to get a good deal on airfare.  Being aware of the common myths will make you an informed buyer.  You can ignore these myths and focus on other things that help you get airfare for your next vacation.






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