Bank of America Cardholders Get Free Museum Admission

Many credit cards give you cashback or miles or points for your spending.  If you get miles or points, you know that you can redeem them for hotels or flight tickets or other perks.

But a Bank of America credit card (and debit card) offers a unique perk that you will not find with most cards.  It gives you free admission to museums on the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of each month.  The program, called Museums On Us, has been in place for more than 20 years. It’s a great perk to have if you love visiting museums or you have kids who love to go to museums.

If you have a cashback credit card from Bank of America, you will get cashback and this additional perk of free admission to museums.

How does it work?

A Bank of America credit or debit cardholder can get free admission to participating museums on the first full weekend (Saturday and Sunday) of the month.  You can find the full list of 220 participating museums here.

If you have a Bank of America card, and if you add your spouse as an authorized user, both of you will get free admission.  You will need to present a photo ID and your credit card in lieu of payment.

You can visit as many museums as you wish during the first full weekend of every month.  If you are a museum hopper, this can be a great way to spend your weekend at multiple museums.

Are there any exceptions or exclusions?

The free admission offer only applies to regular museum visits.  It does not apply to special exhibitions and fundraising events.

What about the kids?

At some museums, kids get free admission.  At others, you will pay an admission fee.  The admission fee for kids is usually a reduced fee.

If your kids have a Bank of America account, that will get them free entry.

How much money can you save every year?

Admission fees vary from museum to museum.  Let’s say it’s $10 per person and you have two cards in your family.  Let’s also assume that you visit 6 museums in a year.  That’s a savings of $120.  Obviously, your savings will be much higher if you visit more museums during the year or have more family members with Bank of America cards.

Bottom Line

Bank of America’s Museum on Us program allows you to save money on museum visits.  Free admission to participating museums is valid on the first full weekend of every month.  It works great for people who love visiting museums, and for families with kids.


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