7 Benefits Of Having A Side Hustle

A 9 to 5 job definitely has benefits. It gives you a stable career and income.  But over time it can become monotonous.  You will be working with the same people and most likely similar projects. Having a side hustle gives you options and allows you to pursue the activities that you enjoy. Having a good side hustle is worthwhile for everyone.

Here are a few ways in which a side hustle will benefit you.

1. Gets your creative juices flowing

At work, you may be limited to the kind of projects and activities you can pursue. But when you have a side hustle, you can let your creative juices flow. You will look forward to coming home and working on your projects.

Unlike at work, there is no pressure when you work on your own projects. Most people produce their best work when no bosses are looking over them and there are no deadlines to meet.

2. Expands your skillset

Whether your side hustle is related to what you do at work or it is completely different, it has the potential to expand your skillset and make you more valuable.

If your side hustle is related to what you do at work, the mere act of repeating and refining your skill will make you more productive at work and more valuable.

If your side hustle has nothing to do with what you do at work, then you are learning new skills that will be valuable in the future.

3. Expands your network

When you run a side hustle, you will run into new people that you will not meet at your normal office job.  They may be potential customers, partners, and people who share a similar passion.  Having a good network will help you get your next job or find your next customer for your side hustle.

4. Income security

Not all side hustles generate income right away.  But when they do, you can use the extra money to build an emergency fund, reduce credit card or to invest.  The extra money will allow you to take vacations that would otherwise hurt your finances.

The extra income will allow you to reach your financial goals quicker.  Having multiple sources of income diversifies your income. It reduces stress when the economy goes sour or if your job is at risk.

5. Uses your time wisely

Instead of spending your time on social media, you are using your time to build skills and follow your passion.  Research shows that checking social media updates every few minutes makes you unhappy.

We are happiest when we do what we love.  Having a hustle you enjoy will make you happy.

6. Gives you options in an evolving job market

The job market is constantly evolving.  Job security is not what it used to be as employers are quick to layoff employees if their business deteriorates even slightly.  Many companies prefer hiring freelancers and consultants rather than full-time employees.

Having a side hustle in a changing job market gives you options. If your side hustle picks up, you can work as a freelancer and have a more flexible schedule compared to having a 9 to 5 job.

7. Avoids having regrets later in life

Many people, especially late in their career, regret that they didn’t start a side business when they were young. Don’t be one of them.

Start something, even if it is small.  Over time, the side hustle will grow beyond your expectations. You won’t know if your side hustle will work if you don’t get started.

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