Best Places To Get Cheap Passport Photos Taken

Having a passport means having the freedom to travel the world.  To get a passport or to renew one, you will need a passport photo. I prefer to get my passport photos taken and printed at a store. This ensures that the photos follow the rules of the State Department. 

Costco is the cheapest place to get a passport photo taken. If you are Plus or a Premier AAA member, you may be able to get them free. Some places like Walmart allow you to upload your own photos and they will print it for you. Make sure that you are following the State Department guidelines

When you get passport photos, plan ahead, and get additional photos. You may need them for visas if you are planning to visit many countries. 

Best Places To Get Passport Photos


Costco is the cheapest place to get a passport photo taken and printed.  You can get 4 photos for $5.99 + tax. You have to be a Costco member to get this deal. Not only is $5.99 a really low price to get passport photos, but Costco also gives you 4 photos.

While Costco has a photo center at most locations, it is not available at all locations. So check the Costco website before you head out. Costco’s rival Sam’s no longer offers passport photo services.

Walmart (printing only)

Walmart will print your photos for $7.44 for two photos. You can upload your photos and get them printed in an hour at the store or have the pictures sent to your house in 3-5 business days (Details here)


Most Americans live within a few miles of a Walgreens. Walgreens gives you two photos for $14.99 (Details here)


You can get two photos for $14.99. You will often find a $2 off coupon online. Remember to check for the coupon before you head to the store. (Details here)

Post Office

Most Post offices that offer accept passport applications also offer passport photo services for $15. An appointment is necessary to get a passport photo at the post office (Details here)


Plus-level members get 2 photos free per year. Premier-level members get 4 free photos per household per year. If you are a basic member, you will pay $10 for two photos. Non-members pay $15 for two photos. (Details here)


FedEx charges $14.95  for two photos (Details here)


UPS charges $11.99 for one passport photo (Details here)

Bottom Line

You can get your passport photos printed at many stores near you. Costco is the cheapest option if you have a Costco membership.  Plan and get additional photos if you need them for visas.

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