Getting Good Deals On Tires At Costco – What You Need To Know

Costco has great deals on several things you buy. So it’s not surprising that it also has good deals on tires. But the best tire deals at Costco only come around a few times a year. Here’s what you need to know if you plan to buy tires at Costco.

5 Things To Know If You Are Buying Tires At Costco


Great prices (Few times a year)

A few times a year, Costco runs discounts of $70 on brand-name tires such as Michelin or BFGoodrich if you buy 4 tires. In addition, Costco sometimes also offers installation for a penny. That’s an additional savings of about $80. In total, you could save $150 off your installation of 4 tires.

In most cases, tire wear is predictable. So if you can time your purchases when Costco offers $150 off tires, it’s one of the best deals you can get on tires. In addition, Costco offers several benefits such as a road hazard warranty and lifetime maintenance on the tires.

Costco fills tires with nitrogen

Costco fills tires with nitrogen, not air. The pressure loss that occurs in tires over time is slower with nitrogen because nitrogen escapes slower than air. With better inflated tires, you get better mileage and longer life from your tires.

5-yr road hazard warranty

Costco offers 5-year road hazard warranty. Costco will repair or replace your tires if they are damaged during normal use. To use this benefit, balance and rotate your tires as recommended by Costco (it’s free) and keep your original tire purchase receipts.

The warranty is valid for 5 years or until your tire tread reaches 2/32 inch depth – whichever comes first. Warranty coverage provides a credit for new tires based on the amount of tread left at the time of tire failure.

Lifetime maintenance

When you buy tires from Costco, you get lifetime maintenance for the tires. This includes

  • Tire balancing
  • Tire rotation
  • Flat repairs
  • Pressure checks

Online appointments

Costco allows you to get online appointments for tire services. With an online appointment, you can drop off your car at the tire center and it will be ready when you are done with your Costco shopping. Note that you will need to create a new account. Your Costco account will not work for tire appointments.

Fine Print

Tire replacement warranty

If you have to replace a tire under warranty, you will get credit for what you paid for the tire but you have to pay the current price for the tire. Let’s take an example.  You bought a tire for $140 during a tire sale. In a few months, you have to replace a tire because it can’t be repaired. The current (undiscounted) price of that tire is $180. You will need to pay the $40 difference plus the cost of installation (~$20).

Road hazard warranty is prorated after the first year. You will get credit for your tires based on how much tread is left on them.

Tire rotation

To get tire rotation services, the four tires need to be the original tires purchased at Costco. If you replaced one of the tires elsewhere (or if it’s replaced at Costco through the warranty), Costco won’t rotate the tires.

How do Costco tire prices stack up against the completion?

When tires are on sale, and you get installation for a penny ($150 off in total), Costco prices will be lower than Discount Tire, NTB and  other tire places. From time to time, you may be able to match Costco prices at smaller stores  and get a lower price but you won’t get all the additional benefits such as lifetime maintenance and a 5-yr road hazard warranty that Costco provides.

With Costco, you will get the added benefit of getting your tires replaced while you are shopping. Just remember to get an online appointment before you head to the store.

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