Free Kids Educational Resources For Every Grade

Finding educational resources for kids can be a hit or miss.  Most sites give you access to a few free resources and then want you to sign up for their paid plans. As a frugal parent, I try to find free resources.  Here are a few sites that have high-quality resources for every grade that are free.

All In One Homeschool

Though the All In One Homeschool site is meant for parents homeschooling their kids, it is a great resource for any parent.  It covers materials from Pre–K to Grade 7. Each grade level on the website has 180 days of content.

It’s sister site, All in One High school has similar materials for grades 8-12.

Math Game Time

Math Game Time has math games that fun as well as educational for Pre-K to Grade 7. The site also has worksheets by grade that you can print. offers lesson plans by grade level.  It also has worksheets and games to keep kids engaged.  I have been able to get by with the free plan.

Science Kids

Science Kids, as the name states is a site focused on science.  The site has science experiments, cool facts, games, lesson plans, quizzes, videos, and photos.  If your kids are looking for science fair ideas, this site will give them plenty of ideas to explore.

Khan Academy

KhanAcademy is one of the most popular sites among students.  Khan Academy offers personalized lessons for every subject.  You can learn online at your own pace. has facts organized by category.  Kids can click on a topic that they like and learn fun facts.  If your kids are into trivia, this is a great resource for them.

Subscription Boxes for Kids

Subscription boxes are not free but they keep the kids engaged.  My son waits for these boxes to arrive every month and gets the project done the same day the box arrives.

Here are two subscription boxes I like the most.

KiwiCo – This is a great subscription box for kids.   There is a box for every age group. KiwiCo sends a box every month with a cool project.

STEM Club – Another subscription box focused on STEM.  You can subscribe directly through Amazon.

Bottom Line

There are plenty of free educational resources for your kids.  Whether you need online games or worksheets, you can find them for free.  Subscription boxes are the only ones that I have found to be worth paying for.  The projects are really cool and the kids look forward to receiving the boxes every month.


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