8 Ways To Get Paid To Test Products

Companies like to get feedback on their products before they release them to the market. So they send free products to product testers. The testers review the products and give the company useful feedback to improve the products before they are released.

There are many legit companies looking for product testers and their opinions on products.

Companies that will pay you to test products from home

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson and Johnson is a household name in the US.  They own well-known brands such as Tylenol, Neutrogena, Aveeno, Listerine, and Zarbees.  The company has a Friends & Neighbors program that invites people to participate in product tests, focus groups,s discussion forums, and online surveys.

It’s free to join the program but J&J invites people by email to test certain products. If you are invited, you can keep the product for free. You will get prepaid gift cards for testing and participating in discussions.

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McCormick & Company, Inc

McCormick & Company makes spices, seasoning, condiments, and other flavoring products. You need to complete an online application to become a McCormick panelist. You will need to provide some personal information about you and your household and the products you are interested in testing. You will get a survey invitation if you are selected for a study.

You can test the products from home or in its facility in Hunt Valley, MD. Home tests take one to two hours and pay $10 to $15. In-facility testing takes about two hours and pays up to $100.

American Consumer Opinion (ACOP)

ACOP is a survey and product testing site. When you register for an account, you will be invited to surveys that take five to fifteen minutes. You will be paid for each survey and you can cash out through PayPal. ACOP sends out screeners to choose its panelists for upcoming opportunities. Take the time to fill them out as they determine how many panels you are invited to.


Shespeaks is another site that will pay you to test products. The site will send you free products and you will upload your review your opinions back to the site. The site doesn’t pay for every review but frequently runs giveaways.


If you like reading books, NeGalley will send you free ebooks for reviews.  You can share the feedback through its form or even on your blog or social media. You are not paid for your review but you get to keep the books you receive.


As the name indicates, the site allows you to test homeschooling resources before they are released. As with other companies, you sign up to be a tester and the company will send you an email if you are selected. You get to keep the books and homeschooling kits you receive but you are not paid cash for your feedback.


Usertesting is a platform that allows users to test websites, apps, and software for bugs. Feedback from users allows these companies to fix these bugs before releasing them to the public. Each review takes about 20 minutes and pays you $10. You can withdraw your money through Paypal. You will need a microphone to record your reviews.

Beta Testing

Beta Testing is another site to test websites and apps. It pays $10 per test. You can cash out via PayPal.

Bottom Line

Many companies will pay to test their products. The products could be physical products or software products such as a website or an app. You will get paid in cash or in gift cards. There are also some companies that will give you free products in exchange for your opinions. You can make good money being a part-time product tester for many companies at the same time.

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