How To Make Money Writing On Medium

You can make money writing on your own blog. But that involves maintaining the blog, which is a lot of work.  But platforms such as Medium allow you to focus on your writing and not worry about maintaining a website. With Medium, you will still make money when people read your content.

Medium is an online platform that allows writers to reach millions of readers and earn money on their articles. It allows you to build a personal brand without a website. Medium has a readership of more than 170 million.

Medium allows writers to focus on their writing while it manages marketing and driving the audience to your stories. That’s a great relief for writers because SEO and driving traffic to your article can be a full-time job in itself.

Medium was founded in 2015 by former CEO Evan Williams. Its longevity is driven by its sound business model which doesn’t rely on advertising.

How to make money writing on Medium

How does Medium make money?

Unlike other platforms that make most of their money from advertising,  Medium generates money using a subscription model. It charges readers $5 per month or $50 per year. Medium then distributes a part of this revenue to its contributors.

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What is the Medium Partner Program? How does it work?

Medium Partner program allows writers to make money by writing on Medium. Medium pays its contributors based on two factors

  • How much time paid users spend reading your article
  • What part of their monthly reading time is spent on reading your stories

Note that the Medium Partner program is only available in certain countries – the US, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and many others. You can see the complete list of countries here.

What are the requirements to qualify for the Medium Partner program?

Medium has minimum qualifications before you can join the Partner program.

  • Contributors must be at least 18 years old
  • Live in a country that is listed here
  • Must have at least 100 followers on Medium
  • Must have published at least one story on Medium

It doesn’t cost any money to join the Medium Partner program. You simply have to complete the application form. You don’t have to be a paying subscriber to join the Partner program.

Medium Referral program

As the name suggests, Medium pays you for referring members to Medium and encouraging them to become paying subscribers. You can include your referral link on your Medium articles. You will make just over $2 monthly for every paid member you refer. This is another way to generate income on the platform in addition to joining the Partner program.

Other ways to make money

Medium has a tipping feature. Users can pay you tips if they like your articles and would like to support you. You can add a link for tipping at the bottom of your Medium pieces.

How to increase your earning potential on Medium?

The more articles you write, the more money you can make

  • Refer paying users to medium
  • Promote your articles on other platforms such as Twitter or Instagram and drive traffic to Medium
  • Write on popular topics such as wealth, wellness, happiness, and productivity

How much money can you make on Medium?

If you publish often (eg. multiple articles per week), you can make hundreds of dollars per week. It’s not just about the money. By writing on Medium, you are building a personal brand that you can use to sell ebooks and courses.

Does Medium allow you to import articles from your blog?

If you have articles on your blog, you can import them to Medium. You retain control of your content and Medium gives you another way to earn income from the same article you have on your blog. When Medium imports your article, it adds a rel=canonical tag which tells Google that your website is the original article and drives traffic there and not to Medium but Medium readers can find your article on Medium.

Bottom Line

Medium is a great platform to make money writing. Medium allows you to focus on your writing and forget about keeping up a website. If you have a website, Medium will allow you to import your old articles and bring you an additional source of earnings. Like, will all endeavors, being persistent and playing the long game will help you succeed on Medium.

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