GetUpside Gas App – How Does It Work And How Much Cashback Can You Earn?

GetUpside is an app that gives you cashback at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores. The app is free to download. Unlike other apps, GetUpside doesn’t ask for a lot of personal information when you register.

GetUpside App Review

How to get cashback with GetUpside app

  • Download the app on your phone and register your account
  • Provide limited credit card information (first six digits and last four digits of the credit or debit card you plan to use for your purchases). GetUpside needs this information to verify your purchases.

How GetUpside app works

  • Find offers at gas stations, restaurants, and grocery stores in your area. After you claim the offer, you must complete the purchase in four hours for gas stations and restaurants. For grocery stores, you have 24 hours to complete the purchase.
  • After you complete the purchase, upload the receipts or check in on the app (there is no need to upload a receipt if you check in). You will see a blue shield next to the deal if the check-in option is available. Upside uses the last 4 digits of your card and your location to verify your purchase.
  • Your cashback will be processed in 24 to 48 hours

Cashback on gas

It’s not uncommon to see cashback offers of $0.25 per gallon. If you fill up 10  gallons per week, that’s $2.50. Cashback can add up quickly.

Note that cashback is only available at gas stations that partner with GetUpside. It’s not available at every gas station. Typically, the gas stations that offer cashback on GetUpside don’t offer the cheapest gas in the area. But with the cashback, you will still come out ahead in most cases.

The cashback on gas is limited to two offers per day and up to 50 gallons each time.

Cashback at restaurants

Cashback offers on restaurants are fewer compared to gas station offers. You can get up to 35% cashback. Remember the read the fine print. Sometimes restaurants limit how much cashback you can get.

Cashback on grocery stores

GetUpside also offers cashback on your grocery purchases. There are only a limited number of grocery stores in the GetUpside program right now (mostly in Washington, DC) but the company has plans to expand to more stores and cities.

Redeeming cashback

You can redeem your cashback as a check or have your funds sent to a PayPal account. There is a fee if you meet minimum withdrawal amounts – $15 for PayPal and $10 for a bank. You can also get gift cards to certain stores without a fee.

Excellent customer support

Where GetUpside app shines is its customer support. Support is available through the app, email, or its social media channels.


You will get additional cashback when you refer friends. You will get cash back when the person you referred purchases gas. You will earn cashback on referral’s referral too.

Customer reviews

The app gets a 4.7 star review on Google Play. Common complaints include issues with uploading receipts and getting them accepted. Users also complain about not being able to see the latest prices at gas stations (the company relies on receipts or purchases to update gas prices).

Bottom Line

GetUpside app is a great way to get cashback on your gas, restaurant, and grocery purchases. This cashback is in addition to any rewards you earn on your credit card. Download the app, look for offers in your area and complete the purchase within 4 hours for gas stations and restaurants. You can upload a receipt or check in on the app. You will receive your cashback in 1 or 2 days. Cashback on gas is available in most states where as cashback on restaurants and grocery stores is more geographically limited.

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