How To Manage High Cost Of Kids’ Sports

Playing sports helps kids in a number of ways.  Sports help kids lead an active and healthy lifestyle.  Kids who play sports do well in school are likely to get good grades and graduate from high school.  The kids are also likely to work well in others and develop better communication skills.

As a parent, you love to see your kids play sports. As soon as your kids turn 5, you put them in one or more sports leagues.  You spend the weekend taking them to games.  You quickly realize that kids’ sports activities not only take up time but also cost a lot of money.

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Sports have become very expensive over the years. Some parents spend up to $10,000 per year on sports.  The cost includes paying for equipment, coaches, facilities, hotel stays, uniforms, and supplies.  If you have more than one kid or if your kid plays more than one sport, your costs will be much higher.

How can you save money on your kids’ sports activities

Pick One or Two Sports And Stick To Them

When your kids are very young, it’s okay to try many sports.  But as they grow older and build interest and skills, it’s best to pick with one or two sports they like and focus your attention on those sports.  This way, you are not spending money on equipment and training for several sports.  In addition to saving money,  you will also save time by not having to take your kids to multiple sports activities.

Budget Costs

Plan ahead on what your expenses might be for the next several years.  Have a financial plan that will help your kid achieve his sports goals.  While kids’ sports are important, do not forget to save for your retirement.

Be Realistic – Tough To Become pro or Make It College Sports Teams

The chances of your kids making it to the pro level or to NCAA teams is very low.  Your investment in sports will give them a great foundation in life but not necessarily a sports career. Keep this in mind as you spend time and money on sports.

Buy Used Equipment, Sell Them When You Don’t Need It

Many sports stores sell used equipment that is of high quality.  By buying these, you can save a ton of money.  Your kid may not like to buy all his equipment used, but at least buying a few used items can save money. Also, once the kids outgrow the equipment, you can sell them to generate some cash.

Choose Local Recreational Teams

Joining local recreational leagues save time and money.  If your town has a competitive recreational league, consider yourself lucky.  In recent years, travel teams – teams that travel from across the state or country – have become very popular.  Travel expenses for these teams run in the $2000-$3000 per season.

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