How To Lower Your Comcast/Xfinity Bill (For Existing Customers)

In my area, Comcast is the only reliable provider of internet and cable.  Comcast is not shy about using this situation to its advantage by raising prices every year. Every year, I renegotiate my Comcast/Xfinity prices using the following strategies.

Call Customer Service

Speak To Cancellation Department or a Manager

I call customer service at 1-800-934-6489 and request cancellation of service. I keep using the word “disconnect” and “cancellation” until the front-line customer service representative transfers the call to their cancellation group, which has more leeway to lower prices.  If you are unable to get the call transferred to the cancellation department, ask to speak to the customer service representative’s manager.

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Tell them patiently and in a friendly way (this is very important) that your bill has gone up substantially and that you are looking for ways to reduce your bill.  You are likely to be offered lower rates by upgrading to bundles. Ask them what else they can offer. Keep at it until you get the rates you are satisfied with. Tell them about what offers Xfinity’s customers have in the area.

If you are not interested in signing up for additional services in exchange for lower prices, tell them. There is no need to sign up for services you don’t need.

Research Promotions in your area

Also, look at the promotions Xfinity is offering in your area and ask for a similar deal even if you are an existing customer.  Research what Xfinity competitors are offering in the area.  That will help you in your conversation as well. This strategy works most of the time.  If you are unable to negotiate a lower price after talking to the cancellation department or a manager, move on to the following steps

Start a conversation on Reddit With Comcast

Comcast has an official subreddit called Comcast Xfinity (r/comcast_xfinity).  Here Comcast employees respond to customer complaints, requests for lower prices, and many other requests.

Here is the official intro to the sub reddit.

Welcome to the Xfinity community! Our community is your official source on Reddit for help with Xfinity services. If you have questions about your services, we’re here to answer them. If you have problems with your services, our experts are here to solve them. We can help with: technical issues, general service questions, upgrades & downgrades, new accounts & transfers, disconnect requests, credit requests and more.

You can start a public conversation with Comcast regarding your bill.  You start a public thread saying “My contract is ending, I need a better rate”.  A Comcast employee will reach out to you and you can continue the rest of the conversation through private messages.

I have found that Comcast employees on Reddit can adjust your prices down when call center employees can’t.

Reach out to Comcast customer service through Twitter

Reach out to Comcast through their Twitter account for customer service (@ComcastCares).  Start a public conversation with them.  When it is time to share your personal information such as your address, do so in private messages.

Again, I have found that Comcast Twitter employees are likely to budge on prices if the call center folks don’t.

Other Ways To Reduce Your Comcast Bill

Modem Fees

Xfinity adds $14 to your bill every month for model rental.  Consider buying your own modem and save $14 per month.  The modem will pay for itself in a few months.

Go to a lower-tier internet plan

Going to a lower-tier plan (which means lower speed) will reduce your cost. Take a look at your internet usage and see if a lower-tier plan will work for you.

Sign up for Xfinity Mobile

Xfinity Mobile is a wireless service that Xfinity offers. Xfinity is a Verizon MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) – it means that Xfinity doesn’t own any cell phone towers.  It uses the Verizon network for its mobile network.

I have been using Xfinity mobile for a while and it has cut down my cell phone bills. You can sign up for a plan and share the plan with your family. Plans start at $15/GB with unlimited text and calling. If you get two lines, you can get unlimited data for $30 per month.

Bottom Line

Xfinity raises prices on its services every year. If you don’t push back, you will be paying ever-increasing prices.  Reach out to their customer service through phone, Reddit, or Twitter and bargain for a better deal.  Keep asking and eventually, you will be able to lower your Xfinity bill.

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