How To Search Amazon Prime Reading?

Amazon Prime gives you many benefits – faster shipping, discounts at Whole Foods, and streaming videos. Amazon also allows you read books through its Prime Reading but it’s not well known among Amazon Prime customers. Amazon’s Prime Reading gives you free access to eBooks, magazines, and books with audible narration.  Prime Reading has more than 1000 books and magazines, and you can always find something interesting to read. It works like a lending library allowing you to check out books and magazines.

Prime Reading is included with your Prime subscription at no additional cost.  If you are a book lover, it’s a great opportunity to get access to more books.

It’s not an exhaustive collection.  You may see several books from first-time authors but you will also find some popular books.

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Prime Reading includes books for everyone in the family including kids.  Just browse through the catalog and you are most likely to find something you like.

Searching whether a title is available for Prime Reading can be a challenge.  But this article will help you search quickly and efficiently.

How To Search Prime Reading

Amazon’s website is not the easiest to use.  Here are a few ways to navigate Prime Reading.

  • Go to Prime Reading (you can search for “Prime Reading”)
  • Click on Browse the Catalog to see the books available
  • Use the filters on the left to filter by genre

To search by author or title, ensure that you see Prime Reading on the left of the search bar.

Amazon Prime Reading Search.JPG

Let’s say, you want to search for books by author Barry Ritholtz. I type in the author’s name in the search box above.  But are no books by Ritholz including in Prime Reading.  Instead of telling me that, Amazon takes me to the Kindle Store where you can buy Barry Ritholtz’s books.  You have now left the Prime Reading.

Amazon Prime Reading Search 2.JPG

Honestly, this is confusing.  Amazon can certainly do better with its search interface.

How many books can you check out at one time?

You can check out up to 10 books at one time.  After you check out 10 books, you must return at least one book before you can check out any additional books.

How long can I keep the books checked out from Prime Reading?

You can keep the checked out books for as long as you want.

How do I search for audio books?

On the filters on the left hand side, select the “eBooks with audio narration” box if you are looking for audio books.

How do I search for magazines?

Go to the Prime Reading Home page and scroll down. You will see the top magazines included in Prime Reading

What devices work with Amazon Prime Reading?

Prime reading works with Kindle, Kindle Fire, and the Kindle app.  Kindle app can be installed on Windows and Mac computers, iOs, and Android devices such as a phone or a tablet.


  • Have you read books on Amazon Prime Reading?
  • What was your experience searching for books?  What challenges did you run into?
  • What did you think about the quality of books available on Prime Reading?

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