Retailers That Will Price Match Amazon (And Those That Don’t)

Amazon is the king of retail.  Many stores attempt to attract customers by promising to match Amazon’s prices.  That’s great news for consumers because they can shop at brick and mortar stores and still get Amazon prices.

Here are some big stores and their policies on price matching to Amazon.

Home Depot

Home Depot will not only price match Amazon but also beat its price by 10%.  Just bring proof of a lower Amazon price either printed out or on your phone and to the customer service desk.


Lowe’s promises to match Amazon’s price.  Simply bring proof of Amazon’s prices to the customer service desk.  Price matches for can be done through phone or chat.

Best Buy

Best Buy will price match Amazon’s price for an identical item.  Go to the customer service desk and show them Amazon’s price. If you would like to price match for a product at, you need to call or chat online.


Frys will price match items sold at the store and online at to Amazon’s prices.


Guest Service Desk at Target will match Amazon prices with proof.

Dick’s Sporting Goods

Dick’s price matches Amazon for items sold at the store and online.


This was a surprise to me.  Walmart B&M store does not price match to Amazon but will.


Kohls store will price match to Amazon but Kohls online won’t.

Bed Bath And Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond will price match Amazon. Just head to the customer service desk with proof of Amazon’s price.

Stores that don’t price match Amazon

The following stores don’t match Amazon prices.

Hobby Lobby

Common store policies on price matching

Here are a few policies that are most common among stores.  Always check each store’s price matching policies online because they are frequently updated.

Stores will insist on proof of Amazon’s prices

Download the Amazon app and take it to the store.  A print out of the prices from Amazon’s website works as well.  The store will verify Amazon’s prices (usually by going to and if everything goes well, you will get a price match in a few minutes.

Price match only works for identical products

The item you are buying must be identical or nearly identical to the item at Amazon. When trying to price match consider brand and model number.  Sometimes color matters too.

Item must be in stock at Amazon

Stores will not price match products that are out of stock at Amazon

Stores usually do not price match third party Amazon sellers

Amazon is not just a store, it is a market place. Third-party sellers sell their products on the platform.  Most stores do not price match products sold by third-party sellers on Amazon.

Stores don’t match prices Prime member deals

Amazon has special pricing for Prime members.  Stores are unlikely to price match these items.

Stores don’t match prices on clearance items

Stores won’t match prices for close outer clearance or open-box items on Amazon.

You will get better service at the customer service desk than at the checkout lane

Though check-out associates can do price matches at some stores, you will get better service if you go to the customer service desk.  Representatives at the customer service desk are better informed about store policies and sometimes have greater authority to match prices.

Matching a store’s online price with Amazon, use chat to ask for price match

If you are trying to match a store’s online price with Amazon, talk to a chat representative on the store’s website.

Expect limit on the number of items price matched

Many stores will limit the number of items you can price match. Typically, the more expensive the item, the fewer you can purchase with a price match.

Bottom Line

Amazon has great prices on many products.  If you would like to purchase these products at stores close to you, you can do so by price matching to Amazon.  Not all stores do this and policies vary across stores.  But if you are willing to spend some time, you can save money by price matching.

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