How To Sell Feet Pics And Make Money: 5 Websites You Should Know [$6K/Mon]

Many industries have been disrupted by the internet. But none more so than in the modeling industry. You no longer have to go from one modeling agency to another to market yourself. You can take a picture of yourself with your phone and upload it. Viola! You can make money from your pictures while sitting on your couch watching TV.

You don’t always have to show your face or your body. You can sell your feet pictures and make hundreds of dollars a month. There are many legitimate websites and apps that specialize in foot fetish that are constantly looking for new feet pics.

To make money selling feet pics, there are some things you should do.

  • Take care of your feet. Good looking feet can get 2x to 3x than normal feet
  • Learn to take good pictures with your phone or camera. Editing is optional but will add value
  • Choose your platform to upload and  your pictures
  • Upload pictures and set a price
  • Set up payment options
  • Have a marketing plan.
  • Stay safe – don’t be fooled by scammers. Don’t share any personal information with potential buyers

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Is selling feet pics legal in your country?

In most western countries such as the USA, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia, selling pics is legal. You have to be 18 to sell pics on online platforms.

Some Arabic countries have strict rules and laws that prevent women from selling feet pics online.

Why you should consider selling feet pics

Selling feet allow you to money from home. You don’t have to go to a modeling studio. All you need is a good camera on your phone and an internet connection to upload your photos to the online platform you will be selling the photos on.

There is a lot of demand for feet pics. I was surprised to learn this myself. There are people willing to pay a lot of money for your feet pics. You can protect your anonymity, the buyer of the pictures will never know who you are.

How much money can you make money selling feet pics online?

The amount of money you can make depends on how you market your pictures and how much clients are willing to pay.  A picture can go anywhere from $5 to more than $100. You can sell the same feet picture to multiple customers.

Many members on online platforms make more than $1,000 per month selling pictures. That’s easily possible if you sell a pic for $50 and you have 20 sales in a month. Instead of charging per picture, you could also charge a subscription fee and receive a monthly income.

Best websites to sell pics online


Feetfinder is the number 1 site for selling feet fictures.  It has outstanding reviews on Trust Pilot (4.8 stars out of 5). The company that runs the Feetfinder platform markets itself as a safe and legitimate website to trade feet pics. All users on the platform have to complete an ID verification but personal information is kept secure.  The website allows models to keep 80% of the sale price.

Feetfinder gets outstanding reviews on review sites. The platform has excellent support in case you need help with anything. Feefinder has a subscription service buyers can see all your content for a monthly fee.

You need to tag your pictures with keywords and a unique descriptions. Buyers search for pictures by typing in keyworks. It’s important that your pictures show up for the right keywords so that you can reach the right buyers.

Instafeet (acquired by Feetfinder)

Instafeet is another platform where you can sell your feet pics. It’s free for creaters. Just create an account, upload your feet pics, and set your price.

When you start selling pics, start at a low price – $5 or $10 per pic. As you gain more fans, you can icnrease your price. Instafeet takes 10% of your earnings as commission.


Snapschat is a social media app to exhange pictures, text and video. What makes Snapchat different from the other social media platforms is that your message (including the pictures and vidoes) will disappear after the receiver has seen it. You have the option to set how long the message is accessible to the recipeint.

Snapchat can be used to sell your feet pics. Once you have a good number of followers, whether it’s on Snapchat or other social medi aplatforms like Twitter, you can spread the word and exhchange picture swith them on Snapchat for a fee.

Snapchat’s Snapcash feature allow you monetize users.  The key step here is to build followers you can then sell feet pics to.


Etsy is a platform where peopl ebuy and sell craft items, clothes, jewely, bags, and more. Though it’s not well advertised, Etsy also allow you sell feet pictures.

You can advertise your feet pics on Etsy to raise awareness. Generally, due to the audience, feet pictures tend to sell for a higher price on Etsy compared to other platforms.


Craiglist is not the first website that come to mind when it comes to selling feet pics. Craiglist is an online marketplace where people sell services and goods. You can post an ad and sell your feet pics.

Because Craiglist operates in many cities and countries, you can sell feet pics in multiple locations. Just be on high alert for scammers and exercise common sense when dealing with strangers online.

In addition to its market place, Craiglist has disussion forums. Join relevant forums and promote yourself. Look for ads where people are looking to buy feet pics. These are your potential customers.

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