Blogs Every Investor Should Read [Updated 2021]

Reading is an essential if you want to be a good investor. I read dozens of blogs posts every week that are both interesting and informative. They introduce me to new ideas and sometimes challenge my existing beliefs.

I am a cheapskate – the blogs I read are free. I don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars to get investment advice or ideas.

Note: Some of blogs discussed below have both premium and free articles. I only read the free articles.

Focused Investing Blogs

Adam Hartung’s blog
Theme – Emerging trends, innovation, business strategy

Theme – Technology, SaaS, high growth businesses

Theme – Technology, platforms

Public comps
Theme – Comps for SaaS companies

Brian Feroldi – Longterm Mindset
Theme – Long term investing

Richard Chu’s substack
Theme – Technology, SaaS investing

Clouded judgement
Theme – Cloud software companies

Investment Talk
Theme – Market commentary

IO fund blog
Theme – Technology focused blog

Software Stack Investing
Theme – Analysis of software companies

Dividend Growth Investor
Theme – Dividend investing with a long-term focus

Saber Capital Management blog
Theme – Broad investing ideas

General investing blogs

These blogs don’t discuss individual stocks. They are focused on general investing ideas and avoiding pitfalls.

Morgan Housel’s blog at Collaborative Fund
Theme – Great stories on investing and personal finance

Of Dollars and Data
Theme – Investing insights supported by data

Microcap club (Ian Cassel)
Theme – Investing ideas from Ian Cassel, a proven investor

Novel Investor
Theme – Investing ideas and compilation of interesting articles around the web

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