Chase Credit Cards – Rules of The Game. What You Need To Know?

Chase credit cards are the best in the market for many reasons. Chase cards have good sign up bonuses and have several transfer partners that allow to you maximize your rewards. But there are a few things you show know to stay on the good side with Chase and to get the most out of your cards.

Chase’s 5/24 rule

Chase has a 5/24 rule for most of its credit cards. You cannot apply for more than 5 credit cards within 24 months. This includes all credit cards, not just Chase cards.

Limited retention offers

Chase is stingy when it comes to offering retention bonuses. American Express and US Bank have more generous retention offers. But it is worth calling Chase when your annual fee becomes due to check if they have any retention offers. Note that you can call and ask for retention offers anytime (60 days after card opening is ideal), not just when your annual fee is due.

Reallocating credit between cards

If you have multiple Chase cards,  Chase allows you to reallocate credit limits between them. This will result in a soft pull on your credit report. If you are increasing the credit limit on a card to more than $35,000, it will result in a hard pull.

Referrals can give a good chunk of points

Chase offers 5,000 points to the referrer. With referrals, the person referred may be able to get better offers than what is publicly available.

Matching sign up bonuses

Chase will match sign up bonuses within 90 days. If you apply for a card and if within 90 days Chase increases the sign up bonus for that card, you call Chase and ask them to match it.

Annual fee refund

After your annual fee is billed, you can ask for a refund within 41 days of the statement that included the annual fee.

Sign up bonus every 24 months (Sapphire Reserve – 48 months)

You can get a sign up bonus for a Chase card every 24 months. For Chase Sapphire Reserve, you will have to wait 48 months before you can get the sign up bonus again.

Free Expedited Shipping

If you need a new card urgently, Chase will expedite your shipping for free. Typically, you can get your card in 1 to 2 days.

Combined credit inquiries

Chase will combine credit inquiries if you apply for multiple cards on the same day. But the cards must be of the same type (eg. personal cards). If you apply for a personal card and a business card, it will be two separate credit inquiries.

Call Chase reconsideration line to get cards approved

If you are denied for a credit card, you can get that decision overturned by calling the Chase reconsideration line. Sometimes, speaking to someone on the phone and explaining the facts gives you a better chance for approval compared to computer systems that have automated rules.

Grace period to use points after shut down

If your credit card is shut down by Chase, you will have 30 days to use your Ultimate Reward points.

Chase Trifecta

Chase Trifecta is a combination of three Chase cards to strategically optimize earning rewards. The three cards are
Chase Freedom Flex
Chase Freedom Unlimited
Chase Sapphire Reserve or Chase Sapphire Preferred

Using these three cards wisely will allow you to earn more points. The Chase Sapphire Reserve and Preferred allow you to transfer points to partners, which gives you more bang for your Ultimate Reward points.

No limit on the number of Chase cards

There is no limit to the number of Chase cards you can have. But Chase will reduce the credit limit. Other credit card companies such as Discover and American Express limit the number of credit cards you can have.

Targeted spending offers

From time to time, Chase sends its cardholders targeted spending offers. We don’t know how Chase picks people for these offers. But keeping an eye on emails from Chase will help you catch these targeted spending offers.

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