Comparing Visible And US Mobile – Which One Is Better?

Visible is an MVNO owned by Verizon. It offers cheap mobile service on the Verizon network. US Mobile is also an MVNO and it offers service on the Verizon or the T-Mobile network. Depending on your coverage, you can choose a Verizon or T-Mobile SIM card when you sign up with US Mobile.

Visible and US Mobile Plans Plans

Visible plans

All of the following  Visible plans come with unlimited talk and text

$25 plan (legacy plan) – Unlimited data. Uses Verizon’s cloud-based server, which is slow. No domestic roaming coverage. You are limited to Verizon’s native coverage. If you travel to rural areas, you may want to choose the $30 plan. Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

$30 plan – Unlimited data. Connects directly to the Verizon network. This results in improved latency and speed. You will also get domestic roaming coverage (wherever Verizon has no towers, it partners with rural partners, which you can use). The hotspot is limited to 1 device and 5Mbps. Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada.

Visible+ $45 plan – Gives you premium access (no deprioritization if the network is congested) for the first 50 GB every month if you use LTE. If you are using the 5G UW network, you have unlimited data that is prioritized. Includes Verizon’s domestic roaming coverage. Unlimited talk and text to Mexico and Canada, including roaming in those countries. International calling from the US to 30+ countries. International texting from the US to 200+ countries.

US Mobile Plans

All of the following  US Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text

Pooled plan  – You can share data with family. Costs $9 per line + $2 per GB

Unlimited Premium – 100 GB of premium data 50 GB of hotspot data, 10GB of international data, and multi-line subscription perks. The cost is $45 for one line, $40 for 2 lines, $35 for 3 lines, and $30 for four lines. If you get three lines, you can get one subscription perk and with four lines, you can get two subscription perks. Subscription perk will reimburse you for subscriptions to Netflix Standard, Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, HBO Max, gaming subscriptions such as Xbox Gold, or music subscriptions such as Spotify family.

Unlimited Basic – 30 GB of premium data. The first line costs $35. If you get four lines, your cost will be $20 per line

Individual plans – Can’t be shared. $1GB costs $12, 5 GB costs $15, 12GB costs $20, and $18GB costs $25. You can add a hotspot for $5.

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Comparing US Mobile and Visible

Where Visible is better than US Mobile

Priority data

Visible’s $25 and $30 plans don’t get priority data on 5G phones. With US Mobile, as long as you have a 5G phone, you will get priority data.

Visible+ gives you priority data for the first $50 GB every month, whereas US Mobile’s Unlimited Premium plan gives you 100GB of premium data

Data throttling

Visible offers truly unlimited data with no throttling but US Mobile throttles your data when data limits are reached


While US Mobile’s cost is generally cheaper, note that the advertised cost does not include taxes and fees. Visible’s advertised cost includes fees and taxes. You may end up paying $4-$8 in fees with US Mobile depending on how many lines you have.

Apple Watch support

You can buy an add-on plan for $5 with Visible. US Mobile does not support Apple watches.

Where US Mobile is better than Visible

Customer service and app

Visible’s customer service is not good, to say the least. US Mobile has excellent customer service. Its app is also much better than Visible’s.

Video streaming quality

Visible caps video streaming to 2 Mbps. Even on its most expensive Visible+ plan, you will be limited to 2 Mbps for videos on LTE and low-band 5G. US Mobile has no cap on video quality


Visible supports eSIM on Apple devices and select Android phones. US Mobile supports eSIM on Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

Selection of phones

With US Mobile, you can use any phone that supports Verizon bands whereas with Visible, you get a limited choice of phones

Bottom Line

When you are comparing Visible and US Mobile, the latter wins on most counts – selection of phones, customer service, and video quality. But Visible has support for Apple Watch and has truly unlimited data. If you are a heavy data user, Visible is a better deal.

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