$60 Cashback From Rakuten For New Visible Wireless Members

Cashback site Rakuten has a $60 cashback for new Visible accounts. To get the cashback, you need to go through the Rakuten link when you purchase a SIM or a device from Visible. You will receive your cashback a week after your Visible purchase. If you don’t receive your cashback in a week, reach out to the customer service at Rakuten and they will manually add the cashback to your account.

Visible is one of the best MVNOs

Visible is a Verizon MVNO that uses Verizon towers to provide mobile phone service. You can get 5G coverage if you have a compatible phone and Verizon offers 5G in your area. Visible costs only  $25 per month for unlimited calling and unlimited data if you can join a party of 4 or more. There are Facebook groups and Reddit forums that allow you to join a party. If you have any concerns about joining a group of strangers, there is nothing to worry about. No personal data is shared among party members and you are only responsible for paying your portion of the bill.

In addition to unlimited calling and data in the US, Visible members can call Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Island from the US for free. If you have a compatible eSIM device, you can activate your service in about 15 minutes without waiting for the physical SIM card by mail.

Disadvantages of Visible Wireless

Even though Visible uses Verizon towers, Visible customers will be deprioritized if the network is congested. What this means is that your data speed will be temporarily slowed down. This happens during peak hours but thankfully you will receive good speeds most of the time. Visible also reduces all streaming to 480p.

Bottom Line

Visible is a great way to save money on wireless bills. Verizon network will give you nationwide coverage and good speeds most of the time. Visible is one of the better MVNO deals on the market considering the quality of service you get.

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