5 Alternatives To Envelope Stuffing Jobs That You Can Do From Home

You often hear about envelope-stuffing jobs that you can do from home. The ads you make ensure that pay is appealing and the job is so simple that anyone can do it. More often than not, it’s a scam. Don’t fall for it. No one will pay you $1 per envelope to stuff envelopes from home.

This is how the envelope stuffing jobs scams work. They will ask for money upfront – a big red flag. This is usually framed as buying an envelope-stuffing job kit. Then, they will ask you to refer friends for a commission. It’s almost like an MLM (multi-level marketing) or a pyramid scheme.

Are there legitimate jobs stuffing envelopes?

Yes, there are a few legit jobs where you can make money stuffing envelopes. Some companies hire clerical workers to stuff envelopes for companies. But do thorough research before you sign up for these types of jobs.

How much can you make stuffing envelopes?

The job of stuffing envelopes is simple. Don’t expect to make much. If a job listing says $1 per envelope, and you stuff 1,000 envelopes, you will make $1,000 per day. That’s just not realistic. With an envelope stuffing job, which is manual and repetitive, expect to make around minimum wage in your area. You will never get rich doing an envelope-stuffing job.

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What skills do you need for an envelope-stuffing job?

Though the job is simple, you will need to pay attention to detail and follow instructions carefully. For example, only stuffed envelopes only with enough documents can hold and deliver safely to the receiver. Don’t skip over envelopes or mix up documents.

What do you need to get started?

Envelope stuffers are typically given a start-up kit that will have everything you will need for your job. You will also get directions on what needs to be put in the envelopes and other basic details about how to complete your job correctly.

Identifying work-from-home scams

Up-front fees

If you are asked to send money upfront, it’s a big red flag. Legitimate job opportunities do not ask for money upfront. Ask what the money is for. And never money as these are scams.

No physical address of the company is provided

Does the company have a physical location? You can Google the company name and find out where it’s based. If you can’t find a physical address or a contact at the company, it’s a red flag and could be a scam.

Negative reviews on BBB

Look up the company’s reviews on BBB, Glassdoor, and other places. You are not likely the first person to be targeted in the scam. Other people have run into the company and have probably written bad reviews online about the scam.

Offer too good to be true

Keep an eye out for too good to be true offers. Stuffing envelopes is a  menial, repetitive job that doesn’t require any special skills. The pay for this job should be commensurate with the skills required for it.

Best Envelope Stuffing Job Alternatives

Virtual Assistant

Employees of many companies are remote these days. But they still need a virtual assistant to complete certain administrative tasks. The job pays well and gives you an opportunity to move to other roles.

Customer Service

Customer service never goes out of style. Most customer service jobs are online and involve responding to customer questions either by email or chat.  You can also work from home answering phone calls. A customer service job also allows you to set your own hours.

Website testing

Before a website is released, it needs to be tested thoroughly for bugs. There are many platforms such as User Testing that pay you to test websites. You will be given direction on what to do and the timeline.

Search Engine Evaluator

Search engine evaluators are responsible for checking how relevant the search results are to the users’ queries. Companies such as Appen and Lionbridge hire search engine evaluators. Hours are flexible and you can choose how many hours you would like to work.

Bottom Line

Don’t waste your time looking for envelope stuffing jobs. In most cases, those jobs are scams. Consider alternative jobs such as virtual assistants, customer service reps, website testers, and search engine evaluators.

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