How To Make $50 Fast [In One To Two Hours]

Sometimes you just need to make quick money. Whether it’s to pay rent at the end of the month, an expected expense or you just want to supplement your regular income, there are many ways to make $50 online.

These are legitimate jobs that only require a few hours to complete. You can complete them after your work day or during weekends. You can even complete these tasks on your phone while you are taking a break from your regular job.

These jobs are not going to make you a ton of money but are a great way to supplement your income. And you only have to spend a few hours a day to make this money.

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How to make $50 fast online

Nielsen computer and mobile panel app

Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel is free to use. You can install the app on your phone and use your device normally. Nielsen allows you to register multiple devices (eg. tablets, computers, and additional phones). For doing almost nothing, you could earn up to $50 per year simply by installing the app on your phone.

The awards can be redeemed for cash through PayPal or through gift cards from popular retailers. Nielsen also runs monthly sweepstakes where users can earn up to $10,000.

MobileXpression app

You can make an average of $5 per month with the MobileXpression app. MobileXpression is a market research company that collects data on how people use the internet. This data helps how people are using certain apps.

All you have to do is download the app and provide basic information about yourself. The company is upfront about how it uses your data and has been around for a long time.

New users can get a $5 sign-up bonus. Note that you have to live in the US or Canada to participate in this program.

Take surveys

Companies are always looking for people’s opinions on new products and current issues. Big companies hire market research companies to conduct these surveys, and the market research companies share part of the revenue with the survey takers.

Two well-known survey companies are Branded Surveys and LifePoint Panel. These two companies have been around for many years and have received positive reviews from survey takers.

Inbox dollars

Inbox dollars is a platform that pays if you do certain activities such as watching videos, taking surveys, or shopping. Inbox dollars has been around for 20 years and has paid out millions to members. It pays out weekly, so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to get paid.


Doordash is a food delivery service. You will need to pick up food at a restaurant and deliver it to the customer.  You can easily make $25 or more per hour. That’s $50 for 2 hours of work. You will need a car in most cases to be Doordasher, though bikes and scooters can work in certain areas.


Fiverr is an online marketplace where you can sell online gigs.  One of the common gigs on Fiverr is copyrighting. With so many AI tools on the market, you can easily write good copy and make good money.


If you have a driver’s license and own a car, you can drive sign up for Lyft. All you need to get started is to download the app and sign up for Lyft. You can make a high dollar rate per hour if you drive during peak hours.

Sell photos online

If you can take good photographs with either your phone or a camera, you can sell your photos to platforms that sell images such as Shutterfly. You can also work directly with website owners, graphics designers, and marketing companies who are looking for pictures.

Buy/sell website domains

Another easy way to make $50 is to buy and sell website domains. To do this, you need to buy the domain first for a price and then sell it for a profit. There are people who make thousands of dollars every year flipping domains.


If you have empty rooms in your house, you can rent them on Airbnb. If you live in a big city where a big event such as a Super Bowl happens, you can easily rent out your couch to guests for hundreds of dollars.  Simply create an Airbnb account and set your rates. You can even charge extra for cleaning and other miscellaneous expenses.

Review music

On Slice the Pie, you can review music and easily earn $50. Some music tracks are as short as 90 seconds, so it’s not a significant time commitment. You can also earn money by referring other users to the platform.

Sell unused stuff

Do you have things you haven’t used in years? You can sell them on Facebook Marketplace or Craiglist. You get rid of the things you don’t need and you can easily make $50. You also have a tidier house with fewer things.

Quick and easy jobs

There are many jobs that will pay you in cash and only take one or two hours. Examples include

  • Lawn mowing
  • Babysitting
  • Walking pets
  • Raking leaves
  • Washing a car

Write ebooks

You are a writer, you can easily write a short book and publish it to make $50. The great thing about making money from ebooks is that beyond the initial investment, you don’t have to spend too much time on writing. Many online platforms including Amazon allow you to self-publish books.

Teach English online

If you are a native English speaker from the US, Canada, or the UK, you can help foreigners learn English online. You can easily make $25 per hour.   Once you find a customer, they typically come back for additional lessons because it takes a while to learn the English language.

Donate plasma

You can up to $1000 a month by donating plasma. Plasma is a competitive business and companies are willing to pay you for donating your plasma. As long as you are healthy, you can make money donating plasma.


Every business has to keep track of its money but it may be too busy to do it. So they hire bookkeepers to keep their financial books in order. Bookkeeping can be done from home and you can easily learn the skills needed by watching a few YouTube videos.

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