Panera Bread’s $8.99 Unlimited Coffee Subscription Is A Steal

Panera Bread has launched a coffee subscription service.  For $8.99 per month or about $0.30 a day you can get unlimited hot coffee, hot tea or iced coffee every two hours during business hours.

The subscription offer includes light roast, dark roast, hazelnut, decaf, iced coffee, or hot tea of any size. The offer does not include espresso drinks, cold brews, iced tea, cappuccino or other beverages.

If you are a coffee snob and spend a ton of money on Starbucks, this is your chance to cut your coffee bills and still continue your coffee obsession. Panera Bread’s coffee ranks very high and is comparable to Starbucks according to this report from Newsday.

To sign up for the subscription, you must first join the MyPanera loyalty program.  Panera is using the coffee subscription as a loss leader, hoping that customers who come to Panera for coffee will also purchase its other products.

Panera Bread updated its coffee offerings last year as part of a broader overhaul of its breakfast menu. As part of the revamp, each store grinds its beans every day and brews coffee at least once an hour. Panera added almond milk at the coffee station for no extra charge, along with other dairy creamers.

Panera Bread mobile ordering and overall customer service is by no means as good as Starbucks but for the price, it’s a great value for those who are looking for something more than their bland yet free office coffee.

Coffee at Panera is self-serve, which may not be suitable for everyone.  One of the things I love about Panera’s coffee is that it shows when the coffee was brewed.

Subscription for coffee is not entirely new. Last year, Burger King introduced a $5 a month subscription program for a small cup of coffee. The offer included only one cup per visit and no refills.  The program was discontinued after a few months.

Panera has over 2,200 locations.  If you are a coffee aficionado, click this link to sign up or sign up at a Panera kiosk.

Panera Bread is owned by the parent of  Krispy Kreme, JAB Holding.


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