Visible Wireless – Get A Free Visible Midnight Phone With Swap + Port-In

New Visible Wireless customers can get a new phone – “Visible Midnight” free with swap.  The phone comes with a wireless charger. You will need to port in a number to Visible.

Visible Midnight phone is made by Wingtech Group (Hong Kong) Limited . It comes unlocked. Once you receive the new phone, you need to ship your old phone to Visible.

Regular monthly price for Visible Wireless service is $40/month but if you join party pay, you can knock it down to $25/month. There are Reddit and Facebook groups where you can join a party.

Here is a list of eligible providers for porting-in numbers to Visible. Note that Google Voice is not an eligible provider.

Eligible Providers For Visible Port-in

AT&T Prepaid
Boost Mobile
Consumer Cellular
Cricket Wireless
Google Fi
Mint Mobile
Net10 Wireless
Page Plus Cellular
Republic Wireless
Spectrum Mobile
Straight Talk
T-Mobile Prepaid
Total Wireless
US Cellular
Virgin Mobile USA
Walmart Family Mobile
Xfinity Mobile


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