How To Make $50 Per Year Passively With Nielsen Mobile Panel

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel is an easy way to make $50 per year.  All you have to do is register your device and you can start earning money passively. This is one of the truly passive ways I have found to make money as it takes no extra effort on your part to make money.

Most of the apps on the internet that allow you to make passive income are from companies you have never heard of. But not in this case. Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel is owned by a well-known company, The Nielsen Company.  Nielsen is known for Nielsen TV ratings and has a good reputation for handling people’s data with transparency.  In other words, Nielsen is a company you can trust, unlike many other internet-based companies.

How to passively make money with Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel

How does Nielsen Mobile Panel work?

You can download the mobile app for iOS or Android on your mobile device. There is also a browser add on available for desktops.  When you sign up, you have to provide your email address and answer a few demographic questions.  The app asks for names and birthdates of your family members to build a demographic profile of your household.  While sharing this data may be concerning, Nielsen never sells your personally identifiable data to third parties.

The entire sign up process takes about 10 to 15 minutes. Mobile users can earn up to $50 per year. Earning money with the Nielsen app is truly passive. You don’t have to do anything once you sign up.

The app is currently available in five countries – the United States, Australia, Germany, Hong Kong, and the United Kingdom. To sign up, you must be 18 years or older.

How do users get paid?

Users can start accumulating points once they install the app.  The reward points can be redeemed for gift cards at popular retailers like Amazon, Target,  and Starbucks. There is no option to redeem your rewards for cash. Nielsen also has monthly sweepstakes where users can earn $10,000 per month that is split among 400 winners

Points are added to your account monthly. Once you have 800 points ($5) in your account, you can redeem it for gift cards.

While there is no minimum usage requirement, you must use your phone (for phone calls, searching for things on the internet, etc.) to earn reward points. Nielsen can generate data it needs only when you use the phone.

How does Nielsen make money?

Nielsen tracks how people use their phones and tablets.  While it may sound bad, almost every app on your phone does this. Nielsen is transparent about the data it collects.

Nielsen collects consumer data and helps online companies understand trends in shopping habits. This allows online companies to tailor their offerings to what consumers are looking for.  Online companies pay Nielsen for this data and Nielsen pays you to collect that data.

Does it slow down the phone or train the battery?

I use an Android phone and was able to download and install the app without any problems.  I have not seen my phone slow down or battery drain faster than before. After I installed the app, I almost forgot about it for weeks. It just runs in the background and helps me make money passively.

What kind of data does Nielsen collect?

Nielsen is upfront about the data it collects.  The level of transparency you get with Nielsen is refreshing in this internet-age where companies think they can do whatever they want with your data. Nielsen even has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

Data collected by Nielsen includes GPS, IP addresses, the websites you visit, information about your phone’s hardware and software, etc. You will need to fill out a survey when you sign up but again, all the data Nielsen collects is anonymized. You can read the FAQ section on Neilsen’s website to learn more.

It is important to know that once Nielsen gets your data from the app, it strips off all personally identifiable information.  So the data can never be tied back to you. It combines data collected from other people who use the app to understand consumer trends.

Does it matter how much you use your phone?

There is no usage requirement – you can use your phone as little or as much as you want. The app collects data in the background and we collect your rewards.

Bottom Line

Nielsen Computer And Mobile Panel is a truly passive way to earn up to $50 per year. Nielsen is a reputable company and is transparent about how it handles your data. Once you install the app, just use your phone as you normally would, and start collecting rewards. Rewards can be redeemed for gift cards at major retailers. There is no cash redemption option available.

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