Passive Online Side Hustle – Make $300/yr By Selling Unused Bandwidth And Ads

I am always looking for new side hustles – especially passive side hustles. The great thing about passive side hustles is that once you get them set up and running, there is not much else to do.

Here are three ways to make passive income. The three apps listed below have decent passive income potential and are easy to use. Most importantly, they don’t sell your personal information like most companies. If you can refer friends, you can make even more money with these programs.

UpVoice – $75/yr + upto $100 in referrals

UpVoice is a Chrome browser extension that monitors ads shows on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Linkedin, and Amazon. The ads shown to you are captured anonymously and you earn points when an ad is detected. If one ad is detected for the day, you have reached your goal. You don’t get credit for more than one ad per day. You can make up to $75 per year by with just one ad per day. You can earn more by referring other people to UpVoice. Anyone who signs up with your referral code gets $5 and you get $5. The minimum payout is $10.

UpVoice works only on desktop computers and not on mobile. Since UpVoice detects ads, you must disable your ad blocker.  You get rewards in tokens – 60 tokens is $1. Sign up bonus is 300 tokens (or $5) and you can receive 10 tokens daily for visiting participating sites.

Honeygain – $20/yr per device + 10% referral bonus

Most of us don’t use all the data we sign up for with our internet service provider (ISP).  Honeygain allows users to make money by sharing your internet connection (unused bandwidth). You get $0.10 for every GB it uses. You will not notice any difference in your download speeds since Honeygains uses only the bandwidth you don’t use.

You can make $20 per year from one device. Honeygain allows you to connect two devices from one IP and unlimited devices per account.

Honeygain has a referral program that allows you to refer others with a personalized link or code. You get 10% of the earnings of the people you refer.

PacketStream – $20/yr per device + 20% referral bonus

PacketStream, just like Honeygain allows you to make money by sharing your unused bandwidth. It also pays the same as Honeygain- $0.10 per GB but where Packetstream stands out is that it’s referral payout is 20% (against 10% for Honeygrain).

PacketStream allows others to use your IP  for VPN, watching Netflix in another country, etc.  Keep this mind if you sign up for Packstream. You can read more about it here.

Things to Watch Out For

Privacy Policies

Take a few minutes to read the app’s privacy and security policy. Ensure that your personal data is not collected and sold to third parties.  The three apps listed above anonymize and aggregate the data. Your personal data is not shared in any way. Also, Ensure that the apps do not access your storage or camera.

Understand how the apps make money

These apps make money by sharing bandwidth or monitoring ads. They add new monetizing methods often. Understanding how they are making money is key to ensuring that your bandwidth is not used for any unintended purpose.

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